Alexia&Panagiotis: A wedding Christmas fairytale!

Dec 17th, 2016

Right in the heart of winter, in Christmas time, Alexia and Panagiotis got married! A wedding that stood out for its exquisite style…a wedding with a nostalgic feel!

Being Christmas lovers, the newly weds decided to get married at this festive time of the year!
Besides, Panagiotis had popped the question one year before the wedding, on the 25th of December!
The proposal took place in Switzerland, when the couple was on the mountain, out in the freezing cold..!

Alexia took charge of the whole planning. Being organizational, but with a highly artistic personality, she arranged everything. The concept was retro chic and she embraced it beautifully with elegance and good taste!

The wedding scenery was totally Christmassy and truly magical! From the imposing Rolls Royce of the ’30s, to the heart-warming music of the violins, everything seemed like it came out from a fairytale…!

Alexia shined like a star in her romantic and feminine wedding dress! It was made of fine lace, with handmade embroidery that added a touch of sparkle to her wedding outfit! The floor-length veil and the chic blue pumps finished perfectly Alexia’s look! She dazzled everybody and especially her husband…!

After the ceremony, the newly weds celebrated with their beloved ones!

A night full of excellent taste and loads of love…!