Anem bride for a day!

Oct 27th, 2016

Μυρτώ ΚάζηΗ αγαπημένη μου Μυρτώ Κάζη του yes-i-do.gr, επισκέφθηκε πρόσφατα το ατελιέ μου και έζησε τη δική της μοναδική πρόβα νυφικού!

My beloved Myrto Kazi, founder of yes-i-do.gr, visited my atelier and together we did the sweetest wedding rehearsal!
Romantic and airy, girly and elegant, or even boho and edgy, Myrto tried them all! Different styles and of course the brand new pieces of my latest collection!
During the fittings we shared our thoughts and opinions not only about the perfect wedding dress, but also for the happiest day in a woman’s life!

We hope that she enjoyed it as much as we did!!


1. Who is Myrto? How the idea behind yesido.gr was born?
It was born by chance, just like its name! A university professor of mine had told me once that one should find the fields that lack in market and I thought that there are no sites that address to the young, modern bride and the wedding day in general. So I came up with the idea of a modern and fresh wedding site. After that everything else came easily and suddenly, two years later, yes-ido became the leader of the wedding sites in Greece!


2. Tell us about the experience of your wedding rehearsal at Anem atelier. How would you describe Anem Collections? Who is the Anem girl?
I cannot be objective since I am Anna’s biggest fan. Basically, I am objective because all my friends (and everyone who has seen Anem designs) have fallen in love with Anem creations! Anem dresses are as princessy as needed, with touches of romanticism, made of exquisite fabrics and in unique designs; they make you see the dreamy version of yourself. The Anem girl is romantic, affectionate, witty, charming, multi-talented and multi-tasking! It’s a 2016 woman, who never forgets her roots and her past.


3. Are there any designs that stand out in my Anem collection? And why?
That is a hard question to answer… Every dress I tried on, I was like “that is what I’m wearing on my wedding day!” It felt like each and every design was created for me… There is something magical about them, they make me feel comfortable. I did not feel that they revealed too much, or that I wasn’t myself wearing them. They are made with love, talent and extra amounts of fairydust…!


4. Talking about the New Life Bridal Catwalk and the idea of a catwalk exclusively for bridal collections by the top Greek designers.. how was it born?
5. How was the show after all? Did it had the anticipated success? Should we expect the next one?
The Yes I do Catwalk was even better than I had ever dreamed of. Lots of people put their love and effort to it and the result was magical! #yesidocatwalk became trending topic on Twitter, all the TV Shows and all the websites talked about it. The designers, who I think are a very demanding group of people, were very pleased. For me, that was a sign of success!


6. What would be your advice for the future brides about the most important day of their life?
Ι was married by a civil wedding, in my seventh month of pregnancy! With no preparations, no stress, no nothing! However, at the ceremony, while we were exchanging our wedding rings, we were so emotional we were crying! These are the most precious moments for couples (except for them having a baby of course!). I would advice them to be themselves, not listen to anyone (complaints, nagging and criticism do not belong here!) and appreciate the importance of the moment! Two people, two strangers, met by accident, fell in love passionately and decided to live together as one, forever. Is there anything more magical than this?


7. Lastly, Myrto Kazi are you going to get married at a church, in the traditional way..?
I think yes! I really want to get married to Odysseas father, Tasos, at my beloved island of Spetses. And since you are asking, our priest will be Grigorios Nanakoudis (he has a great personality and if you don’t know him, you should read his interview at Yes I Do) and our made of honour and best man will be my best friend Marianthi and Tasos’ best friend Konstantinos, who were also witnesses at our civil wedding! I only need to find some time and we will do it…! Do you think 2050 is a good year to do it..?