Charoula + Tsambikos : A wonderful wedding at the greek island of Sun, Rhodes

Sep 18th, 2021

Charoula & Tsambikos : A wonderful wedding at the greek island of Sun, Rhodes

One day during the difficult period of a few months ago, the one we were under isolation, my phone rang. I heard the sweetest and kindest girl, Chara. On these times, brides not only had to deal with the stress of marriage but also with the stress of a situation uncertain about their marriage as the goverment constantly was changing their opinion about everything.

Chara couldn’t come to our atelié due to the situation, something that prolonged her anxiety. This girl made me feel from the first moment that she was born to become Anem Angel. The grace she spoke with, her natural kindness and sweetness. We talked for hours and I felt her so one of us that I wanted to relief her and make her feel safe. In the end of our conversation, she said to me “whatever happens you will make my wedding dress!” So it happened…

We made the most wonderful wedding dress for a wonderful girl.

A creation of the Privée collection that was about to dress this beautiful girl, caused exclamations of admiration at her wedding and also became one of the most beloved creations of mine. We intended to highlight her light skin by choosing a soft powder shade that made her look like a real Angel.
The simple cut of the wedding dress stood out through the handmade embroidery with crystals, pearls and handmade petals! A layer of silk tulle complemented the whole  concept by adding many notes of romance and the magic was completed with a wonderful veil with the same embroidery of the wedding dress. Absolute feast and harmony, exactly what I imagine before designing each wedding dress. Chara deservedly represented the ANEM Collection and I feel so honored I can say this bride was dressed by me. I thank her from the bottom of my heart and she will always be one of my favorites.


Photography: Stelios Kalisperis