In the gardens of Residence!

Oct 16th, 2016

Located near Parnitha, Residence is an idyllic place that seems to be taken out from a fairytale! With its amazing gardens that resemble royal palaces and its excessive interior design that hosts even paintings from some of the greatest Greek painters, the Residence is undoubtedly the ideal location for an unforgettable wedding!

Being the perfect location for a wedding-themed photoshooting, we were super excited for this project!

For the shooting we picked some of the most delicate and unique designs from our latest collection. Wedding dresses and some pieces from our exclusive eveningwear, were the stars of the day! Ethereal designs with soft muslins, along with delicate ones with sophisticated laces became the center of attention!

Our model Monika, became an Anem bride for a day, and perfectly matched with the imposing surroundings!

The concept was “pretty and sweet country-style” and it ideally came to life by the decorator Vana Efkleidou. Within this concept were the natural yet (feminine) make up by Manos Kavvathas and the retro chic hairdos by Dimitris Archontopoulos.

Extraordinary photographs by the talented photographer Thanos Asfis, not even in the nagnificent gardens, but in the luxurious interior as well!

At the end of the day, we were so pleased with the outcome. Enchanting images that make us dream..

A day of elegance, refinement and luxury!

Follow us to this magical journey..!