“Join Us”: Behind the scenes

Oct 16th, 2016

A great collaboration between Join Us TV Show and Anem Atelier, took place a few days ago!
A project that left us with the best impressions! Not only because of the final result, but also because of the wonderful time we had while shooting it!

I was super excited to be on air with the gorgeous Myrto Kazi and her team! My relationship with Myrto has been tested many times throughout the years. That’s the reason why I instantly say yes to the projects she proposes. I know beforehand that the outcome will be flawless and that we will have so much fun during the process!

The make up artist Konstantina Michopanou and the hair stylist of the show transformed my models, Monika and Evangelia, into exquisite Anem brides! They also offered me a mini makeover, something I enjoyed to the fullest!

My friend and talented photographer, Anastasios Filopoulos was there to capture with his camera every backstage moment, so that I can share these memories with you. He really did a great job!

My special thanks will never be enough to express my gratitude to the whole team.
I would like to thank each one personally for doing their best and for turning a day of work into a day of pleasure!

We had a blast!

So take a glimpse of what happened behind the scenes..!