Nana + Themis: An Aristocratic Wedding in Volos

May 27th, 2023

Nana + Themis

Unique, glamorous, and full of romance – our bride Stavriana captivated the hearts of all the guests with her stunning wedding gown.

Her gown was truly one-of-a-kind, custom-made especially for her. With a combination of luxurious micado fabric and a sweeping train, the gown was breathtaking from every angle.

The striking off-shoulder detail revealed Stavriana’s flawless skin and added a touch of sensuality. The long train trailing behind her added an ethereal movement to her every step. However, the ultimate showstopper was the long slit in the skirt, adding a unique dynamic as she walked towards her love.

Our beloved Stavriana married the man of her dreams, Themis, in the enchanting city of Volos. Her mesmerizing presence moved everyone, and the uniqueness of her gown became a symbol of love and modern elegance.