Yes I Do ’18 fashion show : Behind the scenes!

Jul 13th, 2019

Yes I Do : the Fashion Show! Third year and this amazing bridal fashion event is taking place again! Yes I Do Catwalk is happening one more time making everyone feel happy as it is considered to be the greatest bridal event of the year!

Truly the best instants of the show happen backstage and we love them!
Outrageous anxious with lots of lights cameras smiles and fun everybody is getting ready to impress and rock the show!

Eurydice Valavani, Nicoletta Ralli, Mary Louise Vourou, Lavinia Stathaki and Sophie Ioannou were our Anem girls that shined on the catwalk and showed up my bridal creations sending all over possitivity, joy and a feminine aura! I am thankful to all these beautiful and unique women and very glad to had this excellent cooperation with them!

Special thanks to Yes I Do team one more time for this magnificent exhibition which was organized for a good philanthropic cause!

Many thanks to our backstage photographers : Yiannis Sotiropoulos and Giannis Vrachoritis